Taichi Kato

I am a student based in Singapore exploring interests in machine learning, philosophy, design and photography. Learning and creating are two activities I value the most in my life, and unsurprisingly, I've spent most of my life so far doing just that.

For the past five two years, I was working on an AI app called Questo which generates questions based on a photo of a textbook.

Previously, I was a machine learning engineer at Mercari, deep learning researcher at Digital Nature Group and a software engineer intern at teamLab. You can view my résumé here.

Also, I love talking with ambitious people like you. If you're interested, let's talk! If you don't like email, you can find me on twitter, linkedin or Facebook.


  • Born 2001 (Age 17) in Tokyo, Japan
  • Grew up in Singapore, currently attending UWCSEA, pursuing the IB diploma. (HL: Math, Physics, CS. SL: Philosophy, English Lang/Lit and Japanese Literature)
  • Began programming when I was 10 with interest in generative art and game mods.
  • Built some apps and websites along the way
  • Got in to machine learning around two years ago.
  • Won some hackathons and startup competitions with Arya and Khush
  • Launched an AI startup, got 1,200+ users, came first place on Hackernews.
  • Read and reflected.
  • Longterm goal to tackle problems in the realm of education.

Projects 🚀

  • Questo AI (2016- Present) - A smart iOS app which generates quizzes based on a photo of a textbook.
  • Photonify (2017-Present) - An iOS app which tells you how to take better photos in real time
  • Hequals (2017) - An automatic human resource allocator which aims to eliminate any form of discrimination in the tech world by basing decisions purely on skills.
  • Komme (2015) - A virtual navigation game to find ways to get to a certain location only through Google Streetview - made with js.
  • RealAR - Created a prototype iOS framework for creating shared AR environement between multiple devices through socket. (BUT Apple ended up including it in their ARKit on iOS12 in June)
  • Kanji Frequency (2018) - Visualising and ordering kanjis in order of importance to learn only the important ones :)

Achievements and Experiences 🏆

  • iOS intern at teamLab when I was 15. I was involved in the architecture design and the actual development of iOS apps for big-name companies in Japan, introduced and integrated Redux as a primary framework for all of teamLab's upcoming iOS projects. Was the youngest employee there.
  • Won $40,000 of prizes for the "Most Creative" prize at Startup Weekend - the most prestegious hackathon in SG.
  • Lead organiser of ideaHacks_ 2018, partnered with StartupX, Acronis and Carousell, attracted amazing mentors and judges from CitiBank, Temasek Holdings, IBM and more. Around 100 students participated in a weekend full of coding.
  • Winner of PitchIT Competition at SG Fintech Festival 2016
  • Won ideaHacks 2016 with Questo.